A downloadable game for Android

A challenging 3rd person shooter game where you must rely on positioning and coordination to win.

Your soul has been trapped into a cube and they are testing you.

Your bullets don't hurt the enemies just knock them back, you need to smash them against walls with a color other than their own. They will  do the same to you.

  •  The difficulty increases the more time you take to beat them.
  •  Dodging and being able  to aim correctly while moving is the key.
  •  Endless mode with different maps and types of enemies.

" The objective since the beginning was to make a challenging shooter where you couldn't kill or damage your enemies just by shooting or hitting them, even with its apparent simplicity there is more depth in the gameplay than what it seems at first glance.

The player has to master his movement, the ability to see what's going on, where the enemies are shooting from, where the dangerous walls are and where is he going.

The game teaches you that brute force is useless without a strategy, you can never outpower your enemies nor push them more than they push you, it is when the player gets in sync with these aspects of the game when he is the one that moves the enemies to wherever he wants"


TRPv2.apk 60 MB

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